TEAM Customer Reviews

Our customers come from a range of backgrounds and industries, from large national organisations, to local government authorities, educational organisations and even utility companies.

We have helped businesses in numerous ways; through the implementation and use of Sigma software, with support from our outsourced Energy Bureau, and with help from our experienced Energy Consultants.

To see how we support our customers, watch our testimonials

Kamar Zaman, Energy Manager at the London Borough of Hackney & Haringey on how our Bureau service has saved them over £2.4m in cost recoveries over the past 3 years and how Sigma software has become and integral part of the business.

Joel Cardinal, Head of Energy & Sustainability at University of Warwick shares how Sigma helps with invoices, validation, tenant billing and using data to forecast energy budgets.

Andrew Sunderland, Energy Management Officer at Oxford City Council explains how TEAM Sigma software saved them £150,000

Alexis Percival

2016 TEAM User Group Conference

Gareth Williams Energy & Environment Manager discusses how TEAM's software allows them to validate their energy bills and manage the energy of all their 472 stations.

Karen Butcher, Utilities Analyst reveals that TEAM is an integral part of Greggs and how they manage energy.

Kyleigh Johns, Sustainability Energy Officer uses TEAM to help manage their energy through Monitoring and Targeting, as well as bill validation.

Sarah Morgan, Information & Systems Officer talks about how TEAM help the University of Sunderland with a variety of energy managet tasks including their CRC obligations.

Vikki Wilkins, Energy Management Technician discuss how they use TEAM for Bill Validation, Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Services and Display Energy Certificates (DEC's).

Matthew Power, Senior Buyer - Utilities, Power & Cooling talks about how TEAM help BT process over 2 million energy invoices per year.

TEAM 28th Annual User Group Conference

Stephen Middleton discusses how Teesside University uses TEAM Sigma Software combined with imported AMR Data.

Samantha Guy talks about how they use Sigma Software for bill validation and query management.

Roger Clarke uses Sigma software for bill validation, bill paying, reporting and the DEC module.

TEAM Energy's 27th Annual User Group Conference

Geoff Brunt uses TEAM Sigma Software to help manage their energy data.

Dan Hubbard discusses DW Sports use of the Sigma software and the new Sigma Energy Viewer.

Abigail Lamberti, Somerset County Council uses TEAM for Billing Veritification and for importing their AMR data.

Matthew Tidmarsh, discusses his use of TEAM Sigma Software for the Council's Utility Bill Validation.

Karen Butcher uses TEAM's Sigma Software as a bill validation tool which enables Greggs to manage their energy aross over 1600 sites.

TEAM Regional Support Groups 2014

Natalie Jarman discusses how Sainsbury's receive RHI Application Support provided by TEAM.

Euan Hilton discusses his use of TEAM's Energy Monitoring & Targeting Software.

Andrew Caldwell discusses the implementation of the TEAM Mobile Data Entry App at Imperial College London.

George Barr discusses his use of TEAM's Energy Bureau, DEC Service & CRC Software.

Tony Goforth has been using TEAM Monitoring and Targeting Software since 1985 at Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

TEAM Energy's 25th Annual User Group Conference

Samantha Guy talks about her use of TEAM Sigma Software to manage billing data, AMR data and create analysis reports.

Gillian Wright talks about the benefits of keeping all of the University's energy data in one place.

Gareth Williams talks about his use of TEAM's Sigma Software, CRC Module, Bulk Bill Checker and Hosted Service.

Allan Jones talks about using TEAM software for Monitoring and Targeting.

Julie Stevenson Describes how her organisation uses TEAM Sigma Software, CRC Module and Bulk Bill Checker.

Brian Golding use TEAM Sigma Monitoring and Targeting Software, CRC Software, Bulk Bill Checker and

Jonathan Walford describes his use of TEAM Sigma Software and the Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Module Software.

Andrew Dutton discusses his use of TEAM Sigma M&T Software and CRC Software.

Phillip Pike talks about his use of TEAM Sigma.

Ruth Taylor talks about the use of TEAMs Web Dashboard solution.

George Barr manages a portfolio of 150 sites using TEAM's Energy Bureau Service.

Chris Bewley has been a TEAM customer since 1989 Chris manages a portfolio of 600 buildings using the Sigma Software.

John Llewellyn talks about his use of the TEAM Sigma System as an integrated Energy Management System.