Yorkshire Ambulance Service

What do they use? Sigma Energy Management Software

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service wants to be the first ambulance trust in the UK to implement and effectively succeed in reducing their carbon footprint far and above the national requirements. (from YAS CMP 2007).

The Carbon Management Team at the ambulance service uses Sigma Energy Management Software to input, monitor and measure electricity, gas and water consumption data for 120 properties across the Yorkshire region.Using Sigma Software ensures all the consumption data is kept in one place and through using EDI billing, Sigma Software eliminates manual bill entry with an automated data import function. Historically, Yorkshire Ambulance Service would maintain various spreadsheets with consumption and billing information.

The advantage of using Sigma over a spreadsheet is the ease of running regular reports. There is no manual input as it all comes via EDI billing. There are no alterations at the end of the year, or the need to set up a new spreadsheet. Data can easily be compared year on year as the database continues indefinitely.

Stephen Hemsley, Head of Facilities Management