Data Processing Service

Do you need help populating data in your Sigma Energy Management Software? Do you want to concentrate on analysis/reporting and not admin? You need TEAM’s Data Processing Service.

Data Processing Service Background

Data Processing ServiceEnergy Management and Compliance Reporting should always be underpinned by quality energy data. Populating a database with good energy data can not only be time consuming for an organisation but also burdensome.

The process of manually keying energy bills into a system can often take up time that could be better spent on identifying or implementing energy saving opportunities.

Loading an EDI file into Sigma Energy Management Software is a much faster process – but once your validators start to pick up potential problems there are further actions required, which again take time to resolve. If data population is not complete or of poor quality, this can hold up other job roles and prevent an organisation reaching its objectives.

For these reasons, some organisations will look to outsource their Energy Management to an Energy Bureau service. For some this is not always possible to do in full. Outsourcing data processing tasks to TEAM’s experienced operators, can be an inexpensive short or long term benefit.

TEAM’s Data Processing Service

TEAM’s new Data Processing Service is designed to help alleviate some of the time consuming work that can halt progress and stop energy managers focusing on key areas of their job role. The service utilises the experience of TEAM’s Bureau Service staff as well as our economies of scale.

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TEAM’s Data Processing Service is totally flexible to meet your individual requirements and can include one or more of the services below:

TEAM’s Data Processing Service is designed to help organisations in either a short, medium or long term capacity to overcome some of the following situations:

TEAM’s Data Processing Service

TEAM’s new data processing services are exclusively designed for existing TEAM Sigma Software users who want to concentrate on analysis and reporting but do not need a full Energy Bureau Service. The service is flexible to offer either short term help to cover staff absences/resource shortages or provide a longer term solution to allow Energy Managers to focus on using Sigma for analysis, reporting and energy management.