Fuel Card Validation Services

About Fuel Card Validation Services

Organisations who use a fuel card scheme can now take advantage of TEAM’s Fuel Card Validation Services to ensure they are not overpaying on fuel expenses.

Fuel Card ValidationThis is part of our range of outsourced energy bill validation services and you can simply submit billing information for petrol and diesel vehicle consumption for validation. Our custom set validators will highlight any irregularities in fuel cost or consumption, which can be reviewed prior to bill payment. This also allows our customers to track and measure consumption, cost and emissions.

Business travel, transportation and distribution all contribute to scope 3 (or scope 1 if vehicles are company owned) emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG) requirements. When submitting consumption, there is the potential to set targets in order to track excessive mileage being claimed.

We also offer Fuel Card Validation Software to enable you to validate your own fuel card data.

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Benefits of TEAM’s Fuel Card Validation Software

How Does It Work?

Our service can be set up to record all purchases by registration plate. Hard copy or EDI bills can be imported into the database. The billing data can be recorded and monitored and validation rules applied. These can include:

The nature of the purchase is also recorded whether it is fuel, or another fleet or company vehicle related purchase, this could include a car wash, screen wash or oil.


Our SigNet software provides online access to the data we are processing so you can create your own reports and export your data. For ease of distribution within your organisation, these reports are also available in Excel.