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Capacity Market (CM) is one of the main building blocks of the UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Programme. Its goal is to ensure the future security of our electricity supply at the lowest cost to consumers.

Capacity Market Support

Between us, our international team has a century’s worth of experience in helping our customers across all sectors reduce energy, costs and emissions. Our technical experts have a wealth of knowledge in the construction and operation of Generating Units and Electricity Interconnectors.

We can help support you in the Capacity Market by preparing independent technical assessments, reports, certificates or commentary required by the Rules.

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The following provides a brief outline of what we offer;

An Independently Verified Metering Strategy

To participate in the Capacity Market all capacity providers must have a metering system that is compliant with the Capacity Market Regulations and rules.

The metering system must be from an Approved Metering Solution (strategy) installed at such a point, so as to measure the Metered Volume of the Capacity Market Unit (CMU).

TEAM’s experienced and qualified engineers can provide all the necessary support to provide a metering strategy fully compliant with Ofgem requirements.

Independent Technical Report – Financial Commitment Milestone

A Capacity Provider of a Prospective Generating CMU will be considered to have met its Financial Commitment Milestone obligation when the Delivery Body has acknowledged receipt of an Independent Technical Report, prepared by an Independent Expert, no later than 18-months after the auction day results.

The report must confirm that the Independent Technical Expert is ‘satisfied’ with matters set out in the Capacity Market Rules.

Independent Technical Report – Progress to Substantial Completion Milestone

Progress reports, which include an Independent Technical Assessment, are required no less frequently than every six months from the date of the Capacity Auction, until the Substantial Completion Milestone is achieved, the Capacity Agreement terminates, or a Non-Completion Notice is issued. Reports must be completed for each Generating Unit or Electricity Interconnector comprising a CMU. If there are any material changes to dates, an Independent Technical Expert (ITE) report is required, including a remedial plan as applicable.

Independent Technical Report – Delayed

A capacity provider will need to submit a report from an Independent Technical Expert, if they are not entitled to, any payments in respect of a particular CMU, if the relevant System Stress Event precedes the date on which the Substantial Completion Milestone for such CMU is reached. The report must identify the relevant number of days’ delay.


Electricity Market Reform aims to deliver low carbon energy supplies whilst maintaining the cost to the consumer. EMR introduced two key mechanisms, Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference, to provide incentives for the investment required in our energy infrastructure.

Capacity Market

The Capacity Market works by offering all capacity providers (new and existing power stations, electricity storage and capacity provided by voluntary demand reductions) a steady, predictable revenue stream on which they can base their future investments.

Contracts for Difference

Contracts for Difference is a scheme aimed at attracting investments in renewables by providing long-term revenue stabilisation for new low carbon initiatives.