Commercial Energy Audits

Our experienced energy consultants offer a comprehensive energy audit and assessment service for your commercial buildings to help you identify where energy and water savings can be made for your organisation.

Conducting an energy assessment through a commercial audit of your buildings will provide you with valuable insights for your energy management strategy. Our commercial energy audit service can be tailored to provide a level of detail to suit you: from ‘desktop’ analysis of energy use and energy saving suggestions, to a full site inspection of your premises and a survey report. We can also provide energy audits of industrial process plan and manufacturing equipment if required.

Key benefits of a Commercial Building Energy Audit

Having an energy audit carried out by professional energy consultants will highlight all the ways your company may be wasting energy. Results of an audit will guide you on how to take action to reduce your energy consumption and make financial and operational savings.

Benefits of an energy audit:

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Our Energy Audit service for business

Our comprehensive Energy Audit service includes:

We also provide a Project Management service to assist with implementing energy saving measures recommended by your audit and ensuring that savings are realised.

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How can TEAM help

We understand that no two building are the same. Our energy management consultants can help you reach your energy management goals in the following ways:

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