Desktop Energy Audit Service

Ever wondered what your Display Energy Certificates really means? Or why your electricity bills are so high? Knowing the total energy consumed each year and a rating based on that can be useful, but it’s only when you get down to the detail of that energy use that you can effectively start to target savings.

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Desktop Energy Audit Service Overview

Desktop Energy Audits can help save moneyThere is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs through effective energy management. However, many organisations claim that understanding energy consumption frequently causes problems and can be very time consuming to manage.

Most just don’t have time to analyse their data or have employees with the skills to do it.

TEAM’s Desktop Energy Audit Service can help you find where your main energy management opportunities lie and identify the need for more detailed investigations.

How We Can Help

TEAM’s expert Desktop Energy Audit Service is extremely flexible and can be adapted to individual requirements.

We can:

What Next?

Our team of experts create an easy-to-understand document for organisations, explaining their findings and cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations.

TEAM Energy Services Consultants

TEAM is a leading supplier of energy management software and services in the UK, providing solutions to over 500 customers across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

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