Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

Public Sector Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy CertificatePublic sector organisations with buildings exceeding 250 m2 are required to display a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC). A DEC must be created alongside an Advisory Report which contains recommendations for improved energy efficiency and energy performance of the building. DECs for buildings above 1000 m2 must be renewed annually and the Advisory Report is valid for 7 years. Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports for smaller buildings are valid for 10 years.

The UK Government requires a DEC to be displayed in a prominent place at all times, and Advisory Report be produced on request. Organisations failing to do this face a fine of £1,500. A DEC shows the energy performance of a building by using an A-G rating system. TEAM customers include; Schools, Historic Buildings, Museums, NHS Trusts, Universities, Emergency Services and Local Authorities.

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I’ve had contacts with various other companies offering this service and they’ve all made it far too complicated.
It was so easy with your team.
Alison Dalal, Practice Manager, Dr Purssell and Partners

How TEAM Can Help

TEAM’s accredited assessors can provide you with an efficient and cost effective service to produce DECs for all your applicable buildings. Our service includes the following:

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Why use TEAM?

Our team of experienced registered Energy Assessors help hundreds of organisations collate data and produce Display Energy Certificates and Advisory reports to comply with legislation.

TEAM’s DEC service offers the following advantages:

“The DEC service provided by TEAM is speedy and hassle free. Our pupils get involved an awful lot through the School Council and they continually push each class to turn off, especially during energy month, they really enjoy it as we give them readings from the previous year and tell them how much money we have saved. This year we are hoping to have LED lights fitted throughout the school which if that comes off would make a substantial saving in electricity costs and reduce the carbon footprint.”
– Malcolm Godwin, Premises Manager at St Columb Minor Academy.

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Using the DEC service TEAM provides has been straight forward and efficient. With a large and varied estate made up of science research facilities are assessors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They also provided excellent feedback for future improvements. Signing all the sites up to the same contract means we can be sure that all our DEC are completed to the same standard over a period of years, which allows for easier comparison and benchmarking.

Angela Tanner MSc AIEMA, Energy Efficiency Advisor
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