Energy Consultancy

We are a leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions and services.

At the core of our energy services, our highly qualified in-house energy management consultants offer knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industries.

Supporting organisations with their energy strategies and sustainability goals, our energy consultancy services include audits and surveys, compliance certificates and environmental reporting.

With over 35 years’ experience of working in partnership with customers from sectors that include private, education, government, NHS and emergency services, our vision is to help each of our customers to build a successful and optimised energy management service.

We can help in the following areas:

BRUKL Report and SBEM Calculations

A Building Regulations UK Part L (BRUKL) compliance report and certificate is required for all new commercial and non-domestic dwellings, or refurbishment projects over 50m2, to prove they have been designed and comply with UK Building Regulations for conserving fuel and power. BRUKL assessments are first carried out during the design phase of a build project, another assessment is then required once the build is complete. A report is then produced detailing how the build meets the requirements.

In order to comply with the BRUKL, SBEM calculations need to be carried out to assess the thermal efficiency of the build, including the amount of energy consumed and carbon emissions based on the building’s design, construction, lighting and HVAC.

Our BRUKL service will ensure compliance by carrying out Building Modelling to assess if your plans will pass the design and build stages of BRUKL, along with the SBEM calculations. Find out more

Capacity Market Support

We have an experienced independent technical expert who can help with all the stages set out by the Electricity Market Reform rules. This includes an independent verified metering strategy, preparation of bi-annual progress reports until the Substantial Completion Milestone (SCM), Financial Commitment Milestone (FCM) report, and Evidence of Project Spend and Extended Years Criteria (EPS and EYC). Find out more

Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA)

CHPQA aims to monitor, assess and improve the quality of CHP. Certification enables organisations to access additional benefits from their system through a number of schemes. Our expert assessors can help organisations to achieve certification, maximise their CHP performance and access scheme incentives. Find out more

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment and energy savings identification scheme for UK organisations. The scheme requires the recording and reporting of energy data for buildings, transport, and industrial processes over a 12-month period. Our consultants can help you make the most of the scheme and avoid significant penalties from non-compliance. Find out more

Energy Statements

An Energy Statement is often required by Local Authority planning as part of a new build planning submission or Design and Access Statement, in conjunction with your BRUKL report. It can also be submitted even where it is not mandated to help support the planning application process.

Your Energy Statement will demonstrate how the energy efficiency of the proposed development meets relevant Local Authority requirements over and above those of BRUKL and can include your plans for reducing carbon emissions, generating renewable energy, and the overall energy demand. Our experienced consultants can produce the Energy Statement as part of your BRUKL service, ensuring you achieve compliance. Find out more

Heat Network Notification

In 2020 changes were made to the Heat Network Metering and Billing Regulations to encourage more heat networks to decarbonise. These changes may impact organisations who have a heat network so they may now need to notify the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), install metering into their buildings, or both.

Our Heat Network Notification services can support you in understanding if you need to comply with the changes to the regulations. We can also complete and submit your Heat Network Notification on your behalf. Through our Heat Network Metering Services, we can determine the scope of the metering in your building, if required, to ensure the best metering infrastructure for your operations. Find out more

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Organisations using technologies that generate heat from renewable sources could be entitled to tariff payments of thousands of pounds per year. The RHI scheme is now closed to new applications, however, our expert team can help with your RHI application if you have a Tariff Guarantee in place or have been granted an application extension by the 31 March 2022 deadline. We also offer RHI support if you are making changes to an existing scheme or have been audited by Ofgem. Find out more

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

The aim of the SECR framework is to bring the benefits of carbon and energy reporting to a wider reach of UK businesses. The scheme applies to approximately 11,900 organisations and sets out to support businesses to cut energy costs, improve productivity and reduce carbon emissions. A solid environmental reporting framework needs to be in place to achieve SECR. Our experts in data, energy and reporting can support and implement your full SECR framework, avoiding penalties for late compliance. Find out more

Sustainability Statements

Some Local Authorities require a Sustainability Statement to be submitted as part of the planning process to determine the environmental impact of the development. It includes the impact of
environmental factors such as pollution, ecology, materials, water efficiency and conservation, and site protection and enhancement considerations.

The Sustainability Statement can be delivered alongside your BRUKL report, or separately depending on the requirements of your project. If you need a Sustainability Statement as part of your build project, we can help by making recommendations to help you comply with the Local Authorities’ sustainability planning policy and produce the statement for submission. Find out more 

Energy Behaviour Change Programmes for Sustainable Business

The benefits of a good energy efficiency strategy include financial savings, a greener reputation, and a more comfortable environment for your workforce. For an energy management strategy to succeed, commitment and support from your whole organisation is essential.

To really make a significant and positive difference to how your business reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions, and associated costs, the key to success lies in shifting the entire organisation’s mindset towards sustainability.

We offer programmes to help you transform your business through behaviour change and embed a company-wide culture of sustainability as well as workshops to engage your staff to make a positive impact on organisational sustainability. Both of our energy Behaviour Change programmes are CPD accredited and are led by a registered EnCO (Energy Conscious Organisation) consultant. Find out more

Energy Certificates
Air Conditioning Inspections

Having a valid TM44 Air Conditioning certificate is not only compulsory, but it can help you identify improvements to the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system that could save you up to 20% on your bills. Find out more

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

Buildings accessed by the public, that receive funding from the public sector, are likely to require a valid Display Energy Certificate. Valid DECs must be displayed in a prominent location, and the accompanying Recommendation Report is available to review upon request. Organisations failing to adhere face a fine of £1,500. Find out more

Non-domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates how energy efficient a building’s construction is on a scale of A to G (A being the most efficient). The certificate is accompanied by a Recommendation Report, which provides suggestions for improving the efficiency of the building. Our accredited Energy Assessors can deliver level 3, 4 and 5 non-domestic EPCs that are compliant with the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. Find out more

Energy Management
Available Supply Capacity (ASC)

Organisations with high energy consumption and Half-Hourly metering such as manufacturing plants, hotels, gyms and large commercial buildings, will be paying monthly fee for an Available Capacity Contract.

Our capacity optimisation service can benefit organisations who want to review their ASC contracts, have a better understanding of their energy demand, reduce utility overheads and excessive kVA allocation charges.

It can also support where there have been changes in your portfolio, building use, production output, or where renewable energy solutions have been adopted, reducing the amount you are drawing from the grid. Optimising your capacity needs can also help you make future expansion or diversification plans. Find out more

Commercial Energy Audits and Surveys

Organisations looking to optimise their energy and water use can benefit from an Energy Audit and Survey. Our experienced consultants can identify wastage, and recommend opportunities for improvement to help you achieve energy and water efficiencies, reduce your carbon emissions and make cost savings.

Our comprehensive service includes a site survey to identify energy saving opportunities which are then delivered to you as an energy audit report with valuable consumption insights and recommendations with simple payback calculations for short and long term solutions. They can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, including your entire building portfolio or selected sites. Find out more

Performance Measurement and Verification (M&V)

We provide a comprehensive and accredited independent M&V service for energy efficiency. Designed in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), this service is ideal for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and energy performance contractors, facility managers accounting for energy budget variances, energy users doing their own retrofits, and building owners who require independent verification of system performance. Find out more

Targeted Charging Review

The Targeted Charging Review (TCR), is an Ofgem initiative set up with the aim to modernise the electricity network and ensure the fair allocation of Transmission (TNUoS) and Distribution (DUoS) charges for businesses and consumers. The DUoS and TNUoS charges can account for 16% of your electricity bill.

The reform proposal from Ofgem will see consumers DUoS and TNUoS charges linked to their Available Supply Capacity (ASC). Depending on their available capacity, organisations could see significant increases to their bills as a result of the new charging model.

Ahead of the TCR charge reforms it is recommended organisations review their Available Supply Capacity to ensure it is optimised. Organisations that do not have their Available Supply Capacity optimised in-line with their ongoing operations may find that they pay significantly more than they do now for both distribution and transmissions costs in the new fixed charging regime. Our consultants can help you optimise your ASC ready for the changes. Find out more

MOP DC DA Contract Selection

Businesses with high electricity consumption can benefit from appointing their own Meter Operator (MOP) to manage and maintain their meters, as well as a Data Collector (DC) and Data Aggregator (DA) to retrieve and validate their meter data.

Our vendor selection service can benefit organisations looking to have a better understanding of their consumption data and metering portfolio, especially where there may be a lot of meters installed. It can also support with changes in your portfolio, where you may be buying or selling sites, and with problems accessing data from your current electricity or MOP DC DA provider. Find out more

Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy

Our Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy services can help you transform the way you view and understand your energy and carbon emissions helping you to achieve your own targets and become a net zero organisation.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to setting a carbon strategy, our services can be delivered together as a package or individually. So, wherever you are on your journey to become a carbon neutral business, we have the solutions to help you. Find out more

Tenant Billing Consultancy

Our team of consultants can help make your life easier by devising a robust and transparent tenant billing model for your organisation. By harnessing our next generation Sigma Tenant Billing software, our consultants can accurately and efficiently apportion your utility costs, between tenants, costs centres or departments.

We are on hand to help you accurately manage the entire process. This includes reviewing any existing billing work, an evaluation of your energy data, a tailored billing strategy, and a customised billing schedule. Find out more.

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