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How can TEAM’s Energy Consultancy help?

Our Energy Consultancy provides Energy audits and surveys and are an excellent way of identifying possible energy and water saving opportunities in buildings.

Energy Audit and Surveys Overview

Our experienced energy audit consultants carry out building energy audits and surveys to identify where energy and water savings can be made. An energy audit survey includes analysis of energy use, energy saving suggestions, and a physical inspection of your premises, at a level of detail to suit you.

We can provide you with a Project Management Service to assist with implementing energy saving measures recommended by your survey and ensuring that savings are actually realised.

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Key Benefits of our energy audits and surveys

Energy audits and surveys carried out by professional energy consultants help focus precious resources on projects where most savings can be made. Our energy audit and survey service includes a comprehensive report which:

Our Energy Audit and Services

Prior to an Energy Survey, we will analyse the energy supplies to your building and consider the historical amount of energy supplied as well as the end-uses of the energy. Consumption is then compared with typical benchmarks.

We will then carry out a survey of the site to identify areas where savings may be made. The audit and survey will cover an inspection of lighting, building fabric, boilers, heating and hot water system, refrigeration plant, air conditioning, computer equipment, process loads, and building energy management systems.[/column]

The audit will also include a review of current energy management practices as well as metering strategies and apply monitoring and targeting techniques to compare buildings with published standards. A report will be provided with suggested improvement measures, classified in the range of no-cost/low-cost solutions and those requiring some capital investment. A typical energy survey report would include:

This enables you to make a decision as to which energy efficiency measures will provide the most benefit in terms of financial savings and carbon emissions reduction. A description of any potential funding opportunities that may be available will also be provided.

The audit will also consider any renewable and low carbon technologies that are suitable for the site and include a financial analysis under the Feed-in tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

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Comply with Energy Legislation and Standards

Driven by efforts to reduce climate change, governments worldwide are imposing an increasing amount of energy regulations and directives on businesses and the public sector.

Legislation does not necessarily need to be only a burden. It often offers opportunities to improve processes and data quality and can result in identifying substantial energy and cost savings.

TEAM’s services and products are helping organisations report on and work towards reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions to comply with energy legislation and standards.

TEAM offers a multitude of products and services to support organisations in their efforts to comply with energy legislation and standards.

As part of our outsourced energy bureau services we provide data for Energy Management and Compliance Reporting. Our Sigma software also offers solutions for compliance with legislation and standards including:

A host of different reports included in the Sigma Energy Management Software provides easy access to information required for government and other reporting.

In the UK our energy services team provides services to support organisations with the following legislation and standards:

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Business Benefits

Whilst energy and carbon legislation is often seen as an additional burden on organisations, there can also be a number of opportunities associated with some directives and regulations.

In most cases energy legislation requires some form of reporting on energy consumption or carbon emissions, and therefore calls for and justifies efforts to put processes in place for collecting high quality data or improving data quality.

Future energy management efforts can benefit from this data, leading to the identification of potential cost savings. Legislation which entails the publication of energy performance ratings (like for Display Energy Certificates in the UK) also helps energy managers justify the implementation of carbon reduction measures in order to improve ratings or rankings.

Energy performance ratings provide an excellent way to benchmark buildings, helping identify the worst performing buildings in your portfolio and to direct saving measures to where they can make the biggest difference.

How TEAM Can Help You

Talk to us about the legislation, compliance or internal objectives affecting your energy policy.

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