ISO50001 – the alternative route to ESOS compliance

ISO50001 an alternative route to ESOS compliance

ISO 50001 Energy ManagementGuidance for the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), issued in June 2014, states that organisations fully covered by an ISO50001 Energy Management System (which includes energy used in buildings, transport and industrial processes) may submit their audit findings directly to the Environment Agency without needing to engage an ESOS assessor.

ESOS requires all large non-public sector undertakings falling under the criteria of the scheme to:

  • Calculate their total energy consumption
  • Identify energy efficiency and energy management opportunities
  • Evaluate opportunities
  • Store data and notify the scheme administrator

Organisations, which qualify for ISO50001 must have carried out their energy site audits, with energy-efficiency recommendations, between the 6th December 2011 and the 5th December 2015. Energy data, recorded in kWh, must be for a full year, and that year must include the 31st of Dec 2014. Following this, regular audits must be conducted every four years.

For more information on the governments guide to ESOS click here.

Having an ISO50001 certified Energy Management System which covers all areas of energy consumption including transport can totally free an organisation from the obligations of ESOS by acting as an alternative route to compliance. Where ISO compliance is restricted to part of the organisation’s energy use, for example buildings, an ESOS assessment only needs to include the areas not already covered by the Energy Management System.

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