Blessing Amin

Energy Consultant
BA (Hons) DIpDEC

An Elmhurst accredited Commercial Energy Assessor, Blessing is experienced at building energy surveys and evaluating opportunities for improved efficiency. He has an in-depth knowledge of large-scale energy infrastructure and is experienced in developing and delivering energy saving projects in the public sector.

Blessing works closely with our customers to understand their consumption data, assess their operations for energy savings opportunities, and support the efficiency of their property portfolio. He is also part of the core certification services arm of the department, delivering DECs and EPCs.

Professional Status
  • Levels 3 and 4 Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Assessor
  • Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessor
  • Data analysis and opportunity identification
  • Display Energy Certificates and Recommendation Reports
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • 5-years’ experience as a DEC and EPC Assessor
  • Providing advice on energy efficiency and energy saving.

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