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TEAM Energy Management Software

Our energy management software is a web-based energy and carbon management software which allows you to manage energy data from any number of energy and utility suppliers across multiple sites.

Developed in-house, the software is a modular system which gives you the option to select the right modules for your organisation.

TEAM’s Sigma energy management software can support your energy and sustainability objectives by automated utility bill processing, automatically identifying potential areas of waste and inefficiency enabling target setting and reporting for capital expenditure and preventative maintenance. It can also support your organisation with UK Energy Legislation and Compliance.

Sigma Software as a Service

Our Sigma Software as a Service is the most advanced Energy Monitoring & Targeting software, helping hundreds of businesses reduce their energy consumption.

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Accounts Link

Discover how to transfer your utility billing data from TEAM Sigma software to into your accounting system easily and quickly using TEAM's Accounts Link.

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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

Our Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Software enables you to easily & quickly produce the Annual Reports required for compliance with the CRC Scheme.

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Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

DEC Software Working within the TEAM Sigma Software the DEC module provides an efficient means of producing DECs and Advisory Reports.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting

TEAM's Greenhouse Gas Reporting software allows you to track carbon emissions throughout the year by a range of carbon performance metrics or KPI's.

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Web Dashboards

TEAM's energy and carbon Web Dashboards are an interactive and engaging tool to share energy performance information with staff or building users.

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Sigma Energy Viewer

TEAM's Sigma Energy Viewer is an effective tool that enables individual sites of an organisation to monitor & manage their energy useage & spend.

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Meter Reading Mobile App

TEAM's Sigma Mobile Data Entry App enables you to easily and quickly input commercial electricity, gas and water meter reads directly into your database.

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Sigma Tenant Billing

TEAM's Sigma Tenant Billing System provides organisations with the ability to accurately divide utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments.

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Hosted Services - TEAM Sigma Cloud

TEAM Hosted Services fully supports Sigma application over the internet without the need for local installation, backup or the consequential IT constraints.

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eBilling Manager for Utilities

TEAM e-billing Software Manager is a sophisticated yet easy to implement system that generates EDI customer bills in a Tradcoms format from your existing billing system without interfering with its operation.

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