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Water Market Reform – All You Need to Know

TEAM assists suppliers to implement TRADACOMS 26v3 open standard EDI billing with their ebilling management software, and are the author of  the ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association) Best Practice Guide EDI Billing – The Use of the TRADACOMS 26v3 Open Standard by Utility Companies to ensure customers choose the right supplier for them, read on for further information.

What does the Water Market Reform mean to me?

From April 2017, the water market in England begins to reform. If you are a business, charity or public sector organisation, it means you will be able to switch the retail part of your water services to your choice of service provider.

Until now, only non-domestic customers in Scotland and very high water users (over 50ML a year) in England and Wales could switch water and wastewater supplier. If others were unhappy with the service they received, all they could do was complain.

This will all change in just a few months’ time, when the water market opens for competition in England. It means about 1.2 million customers will be able to choose retail providers based on customer service, the package being offered and differences in charges.

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Why is it happening?

It’s all about customer experience and price.

The water industry is worth £3 billion and each water supplier has a monopoly on its geographical area.

After years of dealing with complaints about poor customer service and high prices, Ofwat asked the 14 regional companies in England to split their businesses between wholesale (the infrastructure) and retail (customer service and billing).

With businesses, free to switch water supplier whenever they want, customer service should improve and prices should drop.

Scotland deregulated its water industry in 2008. At the start, many customers in Scotland were critical of the service they were receiving from Scottish Water, so the government decided it was time make changes.

The Changing Faces of Water Companies
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Many Scottish businesses now receive a better service and lower prices.

So what opportunities will competition bring to your organisation?

It will open opportunities for your business to negotiate better prices and choose a company that really delivers an excellent service. In a world of customer choice, water companies will need to offer a compelling and competitive product to stay ahead of the competition. The intention is, by allowing greater competition, both innovation and efficiency will be driven higher on the suppliers’ agenda.

What should you be doing to prepare?

The water market reform will have a huge impact on how businesses acquire their water supply, bringing with it cheaper rates.

The good news is that most water suppliers will be able to provide TRADACOMS Industry Standard EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) billing from April 1st 2017.

Many of you will want your invoices checked and validated in a consistent way and will need to ensure your supplier provides EDI billing in the preferred format, by including it in your tender.

ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association) has produced a Best Practice Guide EDI Billing – The Use of the TRADACOMS 26v3 Open Standard by Utility Companies, which contains suggested text to ensure your supplier provides TRADACOMS Industry Standard EDI billing.

With savings and better customer service on the horizon, it’s an exciting opportunity to prepare your business and get ready to switch in April 2017.

Download your copy of the ESTA Best Practice Guide EDI Billing

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