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The NHS is committed to becoming net zero by 2040 for directly controlled emissions, with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction in its carbon emissions between 2028 to 2032. The NHS will then aim to be net zero by 2045 for emissions the organisation can influence, with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2036 to 2039.

To support the institute in achieving its target, from April 2023, suppliers to the NHS with a contract value over £5 million per annum have had to have a full Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP). Now from April 2024 there are new requirements for suppliers with contracts between £10,000 and £5 million who are required to provide a Net Zero Commitment for their business (subject to being above the relevant Public Contracts Regulations thresholds until April 2026). In addition, the CRP requirements will be extended to all new frameworks operated by in-scope organisations, irrespective of the value of the contract.

These requirements will be necessary for suppliers to bid for NHS contracts and will be considered in addition to the 10% weighting on net zero and social value.

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What will the NHS require from its suppliers to achieve Net Zero?

The NHS is putting Net Zero high on the agenda, and to enable them to achieve their goal, suppliers to the institute will be required to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan or a Net Zero Commitment for their operations. It is important to note that for potential suppliers that are bidding for procurement with the NHS, this is a pass/fail during the tender process.

In order to meet future milestones in line with their roadmap, NHS procurement recommends suppliers set their own net zero 2045 target, although a 2050 target will meet their minimum requirements.

What are the NHS Carbon Reduction Plan requirements?

  • If you supply the NHS with a contract over £5 million in value, you will need to confirm your commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 or earlier
  • You must provide your baseline and current emissions for Scopes 1 and 2 of your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and a subset of your Scope 3 emissions
  • This will need to include emissions reporting in CO2e for the seven GHG gases
  • The plan should also set out environmental management measures that are in effect and carbon reduction measures that can be adopted. These should be measures you can apply when performing the contract and support you in achieving net zero by your goal
  • Your Carbon Reduction Plan will need to be published on your website
  • You will need to update the information in the Carbon Reduction Plan regularly
  • As well as ensure the plan is approved by your board or company director.

The requirements for the CRP align with those of central government, therefore if organisations have already set out a CRP in line with government guidelines, these will be accepted by the NHS.

What are the NHS Net Zero Commitment Requirements?

NHS suppliers with contracts between £10,000 and £5 million, will be required to make a public commitment to achieve net zero by 2050 or earlier, with evidence that they are taking steps to reduce their Scopes 1 and 2 and a subset of Scope 3 of their GHG emissions to successfully reach their target. These plans must be published and easy to find on the supplier’s website.

From April 2026, the NHS will extend the Net Zero Commitment to all new procurements below the relevant Public Contracts Regulations threshold.

Which suppliers will need to support the NHS Net Zero Plan?

Suppliers that will need to ensure they are complying with these requirements include those that the NHS is commissioning and purchasing goods, works, and services from, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare services.  It applies to suppliers of NHS organisations, as well as organisations acting on their behalf.

Where NHS organisations are bidding for contracts with other NHS organisations, the NHS Green Plan will be accepted.

Public bodies will need to ensure they are compliant with either the CRP or the Net Zero Commitment.

SMEs and voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSEs) will also be expected to produce a CRP or Net Zero Commitment depending on the value of their procurement.

How TEAM can help you with your carbon plan or net zero commitment

Whatever the size or sector of your business, we have the expert knowledge to help you set a Net Zero Commitment or create a Carbon Reduction Plan that can both meet the NHS procurement requirements and benefit your business.

A Carbon Reduction goal and strategy can differentiate your organisation from competitors, reduce operational costs and help build your business as a leader in sustainability. Our team of net zero experts can help you to understand your business GHG emissions and set approved targets to guarantee you are cutting your emissions in line with the NHS Net Zero Roadmap.

We are experienced in working with a wide range of sectors and have numerous customers in the NHS. Our NHS Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy Services can support organisations in defining, shaping and monitoring a Carbon Reduction Plan tailored to their operational needs, whilst also ensuring that you can meet procurement expectations.

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Our in-house, professional, energy consultants are the independent experts behind our Net Zero and Carbon Reduction service. Each consultant has the breadth of skills, across departmental expertise and sector experience to support you in understanding your carbon emissions, setting a target to reduce them and successfully cutting your emissions.

Meet the NHS Net Zero requirements

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