Create and deliver robust and realistic ESOS Action Plans

Create and deliver robust and realistic ESOS Action Plans

Our ESOS lead assessors and energy saving experts will support you every step of the way.

ESOS Action Plan and Reporting

TEAM has developed an extensive ESOS Action Plan Framework that supports organisations through all the new ESOS reporting requirement steps.

ESOS Action Plan Support and Guidance

An infographic showing how TEAM will develop an ESOS action plan.

What will the ESOS Action Plan mean for you?

Following the recent changes to the ESOS scheme organisations that are required to complete the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, will also need to complete an ESOS Action Plan for submission.

What makes a great ESOS Action Plan?

Rigorously evaluate every option: Your Phase 3 Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme assessment will define various ways for your organisation to reduce energy consumption. According to the guidelines, your proposed actions should be both “feasible and economical.” Understand the scope and resources available to build an appropriate ESOS Action Plan and produce an energy savings Requirements Specification to include:

  • Financial constraints
  • Resource constrains
  • Organisational constrains/planned changes
  • Pre-approved energy savings project.

Clarify implementation timelines: After selecting your energy-saving measures, determine their implementation schedule. Certain measures may not be suitable for immediate action. Your ESOS Action Plan should list the chosen actions along with their planned timelines, specifying the start month and year for each measure.

Maintain realism: ESOS regulations mandate the submission of progress reports 12 months post-action plan deadline and another 12 months thereafter. As these updates are public, unrealistic plans that fall short can impact your organisation’s reputation. With expertise, thorough and pragmatic planning, you can devise a feasible strategy that still yields considerable energy savings.

Quantify expected energy savings: Your ESOS Energy Action Plan must estimate the energy savings anticipated from each action within the plan’s duration.

Aggregate and categorise savings: The regulations also stipulate:

  • An aggregate estimate of total energy savings by the end of ESOS Phase 3, assuming full implementation of your action plan.
  • A categorisation of these savings by energy consumption areas, such as transportation and industrial processes.

Cite your references: Your ESOS audit does not have to be the sole source for energy-saving recommendations. Your organisation might receive advice from other sources, follow alternative compliance paths, or choose to implement measures not listed in the audit. It is acceptable to include such measures in your ESOS Action Plan, but you must clearly state their origin.

Evidence Pack: Combine all supporting information to add to and update the ESOS Evidence Pack.

Creating a robust and deliverable ESOS action plan can be challenging.

Guarantee your Action Plan Compliance with TEAM

Compiling and managing an ESOS Action Plan can be time consuming and complex, our ESOS Lead Assessors and energy saving experts can work with you to ensure your ESOS Action Plan is appropriate for your organisation and submitted by the deadline.

In addition to managing your Action Plan, we can also support you in keeping your Progress Report updated to represent the past 12 months and audit your organisation’s energy savings initiatives.

How we can support with your ESOS Action Plan:

  • Understand the scope and resources available to build an appropriate Action Plan and produce an energy savings requirements specification.
  • Compile relevant energy saving recommendations from ESOS Phase 3 reports that match the Requirements Specification and understand their importance.
  • Determine the final timeline for the action plan to implement the energy saving recommendation projects and establish realistic deadlines for their completion.
  • Perform detailed calculations of potential kWh savings, segregating the data into the required categories of buildings, transportation, and industrial processes for the energy saving recommendations included in the Action Plan.
  • Estimate the total kWh savings achievable throughout the compliance period for all energy saving projects included in the ESOS Action Plan (December 2023 to December 2027).
  • Create a comprehensive Action Plan document that includes a timeline for the completion of energy saving projects and all details to ensure compliance with the ESOS legislation.
  • You can then submit the ESOS Action Plan on your organisation’s behalf through the Environment Agency’s online compliance notification system.
  • Add all support documents to the ESOS Evidence Pack.

How we can support you with the Annual Action Plan Progress Update Reporting:

In addition to completing an Energy Action Plan, organisations will be required to submit annual progress updates on whether they are achieving the energy saving initiatives they set out. If an organisation does not complete the progress update, or if no changes have been made, the Environment Agency will publish this information publicly.

We can ensure that you complete and submit your Energy Action Plan Progress Update by the deadline. Our team of experts will:

  • Review the progress of each energy saving project in the Action Plan over the last 12 months, including information on the projects that have been completed, in progress or not yet implemented as planned.
  • Calculate the total kWh saving achieved throughout the compliance period for the relevant energy saving projects in the Action Plan over the last 12 months.
  • Create a comprehensive Action Plan Annual Progress Update Report for your organisation that includes all details of energy saving projects progress, ensuring you comply with ESOS legislation.
  • You can then submit the ESOS Action Plan Annual Progress Update through the Environment Agency online compliance notification system.
  • Compile all supporting information to add to and update the ESOS Evidence Pack.

How we can support you with Energy Action Plan Audits and Assurance:

Reviewing a customer’s ESOS Action Plan and checking this complies with the requirements of the ESOS Legislation for New or Annual Progress Updated the customer is proposing to submit to the Environment Agency

Our team of ESOS Lead Assessors and energy data experts will ensure that your Energy Action Plan and Progress Update complies with the ESOS legislation and that it will be accepted by the Environment Agency.

We can audit your business’ energy consumption data to ensure the correct savings calculations have been made for your Annual Progress Update. Our team will validate your data source and accuracy so you can rest assured the information you are submitting is correct.

It is important that the data and information submitted to the Environment Agency for the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme is appropriate, minimising the risk of any misinformation or unachieved targets impacting organisations due to public disclosure. 

ESOS Energy Action Plan submission dates

Organisations will be expected to submit an ESOS report to provide annual progress updates to track whether they have achieved the energy saving actions in their plan. Below, we have included the submission dates for the ESOS Action Plan:

Submission Phase ESOS Phase Compliance and Action Plan Results New Action Plan Action Plan Annual Progress Update Action Plan Annual Progress Update
Phase 3 Action Plan
5 December 2024
5 December 2025
5 December 2026
Phase 4 Action Plan
5 December 2027
5 December 2028
5 December 2029
5 December 2030

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If you need to comply with the ESOS Scheme, our in-house, experienced, ESOS consultants will help you fully understand the ESOS scheme and what it means for your business. Each consultant has the breadth of skills, expertise and sector experience to help you make the most of the ESOS energy scheme.

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