Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for Universities and Schools

With years of experience supplying Display Energy Certificates (DEC) to Universities and Schools our nationwide accredited DEC assessors can help you gain certification quickly and efficiently so you can avoid penalties for noncompliance.

Our in-house professional energy consultancy team can help you utilise DEC insights to reduce your energy use and identify cost savings.

Does your school or university need a DEC?

Display Energy Certificates and Recommendation Reports (RR) are legally required under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), for all public buildings, that are visited by the public with a floor area over 250m2.

This includes all state-funded schools and academies, and buildings that receive central or local government funding, including universities and buildings that might be run by a third-party contractor.

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A building under 1000m2 must have it’s DEC and RR issued every ten years and buildings over 1000m2 will require their DECs to be renewed annually and the RR every seven years.

The DEC will show how your building’s energy performance compared to the benchmark national average for a building of the same size. While the RR makes recommendations for improvements to the building and energy management techniques to reduce energy use further.

DECs for Universities

With multiple sites and campuses which can spread out across an entire city, it is important to ensure that universities DEC surveys are accurate.

Our certification experts are well versed with the university structure and operations, delivering  hundreds of DECs up and down the country to some of the biggest universities in the UK.

Universities are often at the forefront of energy efficiency, using insights to drive their carbon reduction goals and support the fight against climate change. DECs are a great way of raising public awareness around  energy use  informing visitors of how efficient buildings are, and encouraging stakeholder energy efficiency habits.

The accompanying DEC Recommendation Report helps demonstrate how the energy performance of the building can be improved, supporting institutes with their plans to enhance their energy efficiency through projects and investment.

DECs for Schools 

We work with many schools helping them acquire their DEC energy certificate to ensure compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR).

A DEC certificate provides schools with an A-G rating which will be displayed as an A3 poster so the public can see it. This is used to display how their building is performing against other buildings of the same type. By displaying the certificate, a school can demonstrate the work they are doing to improve the efficiency of the building.

Reducing energy usage and achieving utility savings can be very important to schools where limited budgets may be impacted by rising energy costs. A valid DEC can help you understand areas within your operations where energy is being wasted and how this can be improved to achieve energy efficiency.

What our customers say about our DEC service

"I’ve had contacts with various other companies offering this service and they have all made it far too complicated. It was so easy with TEAM."
Alison Dalal
Practice Manager, Dr Purssell and Partners Paddington Green Health Centre

Meet our DEC Assessors

Our in-house team of experienced DEC assessors have delivered more than 20,000 certificates for buildings throughout the UK. We will ensure your DEC certificate is valid and accompanied by a Recommendation Report so you can improve the energy efficiency and performance of your building.

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