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The EDW Group, comprising of EDW Technology Holdings and its trading companies EDW Technology and Energy Auditing Agency (TEAM), is a market leader in delivering carbon management solutions. We passionately believe that reducing carbon emissions to limit global warming should be a priority for all – individuals and businesses alike. We are proud that our energy consultancy team has been helping our customers reduce carbon emissions for many years, even before the net-zero term became so widely used. As a pioneer in this field, we believe it is important to lead by example with a carbon reduction strategy which delivers our commitment to be net zero by 2030.

As an employee-owned business, we know that many of the people who work for us do so because they believe in our environmental values and recognise that we can make a real difference to carbon emissions in the UK. Indeed, we believe that we should aim to beat the Government’s 2050 net-zero target. By setting an example, we hope to encourage businesses throughout the UK to set more ambitions carbon reduction targets, which is increasingly expected by their customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our Environmental Policy commits us to setting out and following a Carbon Reduction Strategy to deliver Net Zero emissions by 2030 (ahead of the UK Government 2050 target). This will be achieved by employing best practice in energy and carbon management, as well as by reducing our energy consumption and improving our energy efficiency wherever possible.

Our Carbon Reduction Strategy sets out how we intend to deliver these commitments.

As part of our Carbon Reduction Strategy, as a first step we will offset all carbon emissions associated with the EDW Group to become Carbon Neutral as soon as possible. This approach enables us to immediately show positive action and commitment and is an important public step on our journey. Then we will commence initiatives to deliver our commitment to Net Zero Emissions by 2030.

To be Net Zero, an organisation must be reducing its emissions along a 1.5ᵒC trajectory, and only when this is achieved can any residual emissions be offset using greenhouse gas removals that result in carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. We will publicly validate our commitments through the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), again leading by example.

The Carbon Reduction Strategy initiatives are based on best practice in energy management for our type of business, ensuring we maximise our opportunities for energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction. This is coupled with initiatives to remove barriers which currently prevent our employees reducing their own carbon emissions associated with commuting and home working.

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Leading by example, we became carbon neutral in 2023 and are committed to achieving net zero business emissions by 2030.

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