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How we support your Carbon and Energy Management

By extending the range of services delivered under our standard Bureau services we can build on those Carbon and Energy Management service foundations and help you further your Energy and Carbon Management journey. By expanding our services, we will: 

  • Provide you with access to our dedicated team of Carbon, Energy Management and Net Zero experts and consultants
  • Measure your carbon emissions accurately and transparently, using internationally recognised standards and methodologies
  • Enable stakeholder engagement using dashboards,energy and carbon intelligence, and data integration
  • Provide a comprehensive outsourced solution for energy and carbon, budgeting, forecasting, measuring, targeting, reporting, project tracking and reducing your environmental impact.

Energy and Carbon Reporting

Reporting on your energy data will help you and your key stakeholders understand the true meaning of your energy consumption. With accuracy of data playing a vital role in making your energy reporting valid. By identifying errors and inaccuracies in energy usage, we can ensure that your energy reporting is accurate and consistent allowing you to learn how you can bolster your energy management targets.

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Our team will provide advanced data insights and customised energy reporting. Using data dashboards, our service can help you monitor, engage, and share energy information across your entire estate. Enabling you to encourage energy efficient behaviours to reduce operational cost savings and achieve green credentials.

Reporting on business carbon emissions is becoming increasingly important for organisations to do. By doing so, you can unlock energy saving opportunities, reduce your business carbon emissions and drive actionable change with transparent and dynamic data streams.

Our net zero experts can help you to create and manage a Carbon Reduction Strategy tailored to your business’s requirements.


By adding our accrual management to your Bureau service, this capability will ensure that all your utility liabilities are accounted for, even if the relevant supplier bills have not been received.

Accruals will be in the context of both cost and consumption and can be interfaced with your downstream finance system for seamless integration. Our team will identify gaps in contiguous utility billing, specifically, utility invoices that are expected to be received but have not yet been billed by the relevant supplier(s).

Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)

Our Bureau service offers a complete M&T solution, with the ability to analyse and explore data and manage M&T activities at scale. This supports your organisation’s energy strategy enabling access to timely, relevant information on energy use.

Forecasting and Budgeting

We can forecast your energy usage and budgets can be readily created for consumption, cost and emissions to facilitate their ongoing tracking down to a daily granularity for each meter. Our Data Analysts can work on further analysis to quantify savings, help control usage and highlight areas for improvement.


Our team will use benchmarked configurations, data and standards applied to make allowances for key factors that affect the energy performance of individual buildings. With each building able to be configured against the benchmark depending on site type, size and other characteristics.

Track your energy and carbon projects

Our team of data experts can help identify opportunities, report on project savings and measure the success of your energy policies through our advanced project tracking functionality.

Combined project information and existing consumption data can help identify and prioritise opportunities to save energy. By gathering insights to make confident, robust investment decisions, and quantify returns for projects at scale.

Our project tracking is fully auditable and complies with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards. 

Whatever your targets are, with our project tracking and reporting tool, we can help you manage, maintain and track your progress.

Additionally, by conducting League Table Reporting, we can build a table to rank your energy estate and sites in terms of their cost or consumption by looking at the highest and lowest energy users. This can also be examined on a more granular level by focusing on building type or used to gain more information on the energy use of each building.

Managing supplier relationships

We can save you vital resource time by managing the relationships with your energy suppliers, meter operators and data collectors. As trusted industry leaders, we can work closely with your organisation and your energy. Through our established relationships with suppliers, we excel in supplier management, saving you valuable time.

Support from our Professional Services 

Through our suite of professional services, we can help you access and understand enterprise-wide data insights to inform your energy and sustainability strategy, maintain exceptional data quality, and achieve your energy management targets. 

  • Implement the Sigma Mobile App, so you can send meter readings straight to our Bureau team, enabling you to easily capture meter reads, even when offline. 
  • Configure and use the suite of APIs to provide access to Sigma’s data, supporting unlimited data integration options and the ability to embed the system within a wider corporate landscape. Supported by our Professional Services, API allows external systems to be synchronised with Sigma, ensuring any changes to data will be picked up and dealt with. 
  • Collect data from IoT Sensors through an almost limitless number of integrations. With Sigma’s IoT extension, it is easy to capture consumption readings from meters, occupancy data, footfall and temperature data.
  • Interface your account payable software using the Sigma Accounts Payable Interface, which provides the capability to transfer detailed utility bill information and accruals to accounting systems so they can process timely payments without the need for manual intervention. Our Professional Services team will work with you to agree the interface specification and configuration to ensure a seamless integration.

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