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Helping organisations hedge their energy price and purchase it in advance.

Our Energy Bureau service will not only keep your bills checked and ensure that you are not overpaying when anomalies happen, it will also keep your energy data in tip top order. Businesses can use accurate energy data advantageously for making good business decisions.

For customers that have opted for the Forecasting reporting service, we provide detailed energy forecast reports based on the consumption data that we manage on their behalf. This data is made up from a number of sources including half-hourly, billed and meter read data.

These reports help our customers budget for their annual energy usage and mitigate the risks of rising prices, the effects of extreme weather and energy security. It means they have a reliable report to share with their senior decision makers when signing off costs for buying energy in advance and therefore, securing a fixed price and often competitive price for usage.

By strategically consuming energy based on usage predictions and external conditions, buildings can be more efficient, sustainable and functional.

Case Study: Energy Insight Service

A collaborative approach to data reporting and emissions targets

Additionally, forecasting a building’s energy use can serve as a preliminary assessment tool for organisations to adopt energy-saving strategies that support a carbon reduction pathway.

"These reports help our customers budget for their annual energy usage and mitigate the risks of rising prices and energy security."


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