Tenant Billing Consultancy

Reinventing professional tenant billing.

We recognise that there is no one size fits all approach to recharging tenants, that’s why we have developed a suite of tenant billing consultancy services covering metering, billing and business process optimisation.

Whether you choose to fully outsource your portfolio’s tenant billing or manage it in house, we offer a number of consultancy services to support your organisations unique needs.

Who are these services for?

Organisations with a new or existing tenant billing portfolio can benefit from our suite of consultancy services to optimise their metering, billing and business processes.

Our consultancy can also help organisations with existing tenant billing systems in place.

Our tenant billing consultancy services

We offer a number of complementary Tenant Billing Consultancy Services that help ensure the efficiency of your organisation’s meters, methodology, business process and heat network notification support.

Metering Site Survey: To assess the on-site metering capabilities to determine the scope of the current system.

Metering Business Case Development: Where new metering is needed to support accurate and transparent billing, we will develop a business case to support their installation.

Metering Tender Service: We will run the tendering process to coordinate the metering procurement and find the right agency for you.

Vendor Selection Service: We can provide an assessment of available vendors and a recommendation for the best vendor option to meet your organisations metering requirements.

Billing Methodology Development: We will design the methodology for how to calculate your tenant charges.

Business Process Optimisation: To ensure you are operating accurate and efficient tenant billing, our expert consultants will work with you to model and optimise your business processes across your estate, tariff management, credit control and debt collection.

Heat Network Notification: We can support you in meeting the Heat Network Notification regulations and will submit your notification. Where you need submetering installed to recharge the tenant consumption of your heat network, we will then support you in resubmitting your updated notification.

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"We recognise that there is no one size fits all approach to recharging tenants, that’s why we have developed solutions that optimise and support you in achieving accurate and efficient tenant billing."

What are the key opportunities?

  • Get expert advice to evaluate the efficiency of your existing tenant billing framework.
  • Optimise your metering strategy and infrastructure for your buildings type and size
  • Be assured your credit control and debt collection processes comply with regulations
  • Streamline your tenant billing business processes to ensure you are running an efficient and effective service
  • With assessment of your billing methodology, be assured you are billing your tenants correctly
  • Implement a robust framework to manage and collect data, providing insights into your utility data and overall cost liability, helping identify potential problems early to avoid tenant disputes
  • Get impartial guidance and support to achieve internal buy in for your tenant billing projects
  • As leaders in tenant billing services, you can rely on us to deliver a comprehensive and robust service, allowing you to focus on other projects.

Why choose TEAM?

As the UK’s leading energy and sustainability management consultancy, you will benefit from over 35 years of our industry experience and expertise.

Our specialist consultants will work with you to understand your infrastructure and tenant portfolio to define and optimise your processes, metering infrastructure, billing methodology and heat network.

All our Tenant Billing Consultancy customers will benefit from support and advice throughout the duration of their consultancy project.

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