Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Reporting: Energy Action Plan Guide

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Reporting – Energy Action Plan Guide

What will the ESOS Energy Action Plan mean for you?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a government-led scheme compliance requirement for large UK based organisations to encourage them to implement energy saving measures.

Why is an ESOS report important? 

ESOS Audits are carried out by businesses every four years, which look at the energy usage of their buildings, processes and transport, this is accompanied by cost-effective recommendations to help businesses reduce energy demand and improve energy efficiency.

Following on from changes made to the ESOS scheme, once organisations have completed Phase 3 of the ESOS compliance scheme, they will also need to complete an additional stage of producing an ESOS Energy Action Plan and progress update each year on how they are meeting the actions set out in their Action Plan.

What is an ESOS Energy Action Plan?

The purpose of the Action Plan is to act as an annual progress update for ESOS participants to publicly report on what they have achieved so far and to encourage organisations to act on the energy saving actions they have committed to in their ESOS submission.

The Energy Action Plan progress update must include:

  • A list of all the energy saving actions included in the action plan that the organisation has implemented over 12 months
  • A list of any actions the organisation did not implement over 12 months
  • Whether the organisation achieved the actions implemented by the date they set
  • An estimate of total energy savings achieved over 12 months
  • How the organisation estimated the savings set out

The plan must be signed off by a board level director, with the director confirming they have seen the action plan and are satisfied that the organisation has complied with the Action Plan Requirements.  

The Action Plan must then be submitted, for Phase 4 of the ESOS compliance period, the deadline is 5 December 2024. Despite the extension to the ESOS deadline, the Energy Acton Plan is not impacted.

ESOS Energy Action Plan submission dates

Organisations will be expected to submit an ESOS report to provide annual progress updates to track whether they have achieved the energy saving actions in their plan. Below, we have included the submission dates for the ESOS Action Plan:

Submission Phase ESOS Phase Compliance and Action Plan Results New Action Plan Action Plan Annual Progress Update Action Plan Annual Progress Update
Phase 3 Action Plan
5 December 2024
5 December 2025
5 December 2026
Phase 4 Action Plan
5 December 2027
5 December 2028
5 December 2029
5 December 2030

Why must organisations submit an Energy Action Plan?

The Energy Action Plan aims to help organisations to consider what actions from their ESOS audit they may want to carry out on their operations before the next ESOS assessment. The plan also encourages large businesses to commit publicly to making energy saving and energy efficiency implementations.

What if an organisation does not submit an Energy Action Plan?

If an organisation does not plan to take any action to reduce its energy consumption before the next ESOS compliance date, it can submit a notification with that information. However, it is important to note these will be recorded and published publicly.

If an organisation does not submit its ESOS Action Plan by the deadline, it will be published that the business does not plan to carry out any energy saving action.

Public Disclosure Risks

One of the changes to ESOS includes the requirement for public disclosure of your Action Plan and annual Action Plan progress reports.

Public disclosure can have several implications for your business:

  • Reputational Impact: This can be positive if you are proactive in implementing energy saving measures. However, it could also be negative if you are perceived as not taking sufficient action.
  • Competitive Sensitivity: Some businesses may be concerned about revealing information that could be used by competitors.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Failure to comply with ESOS requirements, including public disclosure, can result in penalties.

It is important to ensure that your business complies with ESOS regulations and to consider how public disclosure aligns with your broader business and sustainability strategies.

Who needs to submit an Energy Action Plan?

All organisations that are required to comply with ESOS must submit their Energy Action Plan and provide regular updates covering every four years.

If you need to comply with ESOS, find out how our team of experts can help you meet the compliance deadline.

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