Is your air conditioning as efficient as possible?

Did you know that air conditioning is one of the most expensive appliances your organisation will run? This is why, as we head towards the warmer weather, now is a good time to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible to help keep your summer air conditioning costs low, and your unit’s performance high.

So, before building users start reaching for the cooling controls, follow our top tips for ensuring the operation of your air conditioning system doesn’t cost you the earth.

Engage your staff to think about best practice in the workspace

Air conditioning relies on having a relatively sealed space to work on, but if the air is constantly changing due to incoming air from outside, it will have to work harder. Therefore, when nice weather presents itself, remind staff that opening windows will affect the efficiency of the cooling system. The same is so for external doors. If your building’s doors are operated by motion sensors, it may be worth limiting the time they are open.

Check the controls

Local controls in open-plan offices can cause issues where heating is fighting the cooling; this means split units try to compensate each other to reach the temperature set locally. If temperature controls are set to a recommended level of 20°C in the heating season and to 23⁰C or 24⁰C in the summer, there will be a dead band of 3-4⁰C when conditioning is not required and the building will automatically be heated/cooled to a comfortable level. This prevents over-heating or cooling and conflict between units. Temperatures can be adjusted around the setpoint by +/- 2°C, but only allow authorised personnel to do so.

Get the system tuned up

For maximum efficiency, organise a service on your air conditioning system. Keep your system clean and clear of dust will help it to run more efficiently. Ideally, a system maintenance, clean and check should take place regularly; at least once a year.

At the same time check the validity of your TM44 certificate as these need to be renewed every 5 years. An air conditioning inspection will also offer a more detailed oversight of your system, and the accompanying report will include detailed recommendations to implement to greatly improve the efficiency of the system.

If you would like some further advice on keeping your air conditioning consumption and costs lower over the summer months or to book a TM44 inspection, contact us or call today on 01908 690018.

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