Tick tock …. the ESOS deadline is fast approaching

With the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) deadline creeping closer, identifying sites, completing audits, analysing data and compiling the final report in less than 10 months will be no mean feat. Ellen Salazar, Energy Services Manager at TEAM, explains how we’ve been helping our customers achieve ESOS compliance.

With nine months to go until the ESOS deadline we now have many more companies on-board and we’ve began the initial number crunching with the electricity and gas data from their buildings.

Our league tables are helping identify the buildings we want to target with energy surveys, using the traditional kWh and kWh/m2 data. But it can be much more complicated than this with larger portfolios, because grouping buildings together (e.g. a building of similar size, age or construction), can play a significant role in determing which buildings are included in the representative sample to be surveyed.

As I revealed in last month’s blog, our ESOS surveys, half-hourly data analysis and reviewing standard specs etc, is helping us identify lots of saving opportunities for businesses. It’s all good fun, and we’re delighted to be moving forward with a strong number of ESOS customers.

TEAM Energy go the extra mile to help our customers

We always ask about fit-outs and standard specifications (such as rolling out LED upgrades across multiple buildings using a standard spec), because although it’s not exactly energy surveying in the traditional sense, if we can influence the standard spec to achieve (additional) energy savings, it’s often a better use of the limited resources we have to influence our customers’ overall energy use. If it adds value, then it’s good for everyone involved with these ESOS projects!

How TEAM is progressing with ESOS

At the moment we’re undertaking energy surveys in the South of England, as well as in the Midlands and I’m sure we’ll identify lots of saving opportunities for these companies too.

We’re predominately carrying out ESOS work for the retail sector and offices, but we’re finding that most don’t want to pay extra for costing analysis beyond simple payback, which is a shame.

We’ve spoken to quite a few companies who want to go beyond the minimum requirements, but at the moment, the ones who have placed orders with us tend to want the minimum in order to meet the ESOS compliance.

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TEAM’s professionally certified consultants can help your organisation through all stages of the ESOS submission process, from energy surveys to preparing the submission document. Discover how we can help with your submissions by clicking here.

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