ESOS Participants can start their ESOS audit for Phase 2 now!

Did you know that Phase 2 of Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) has already started?

The Environment Agency (EA), says organisations that qualify for Phase 2 of the ESOS scheme should start working on their energy audits and identifying energy saving opportunities now.

The next ESOS compliance deadline will be the 5th December 2019 but EA’s advice would be to get ahead – implement your energy saving recommendations now. In doing so, businesses can get ahead with planning energy audits, minimise disruption and potential problems and potentially reduce costs. A spokesman for the EA said:

You will not be able to carry out the assessment of your Total Energy Consumption (TEC) as this has to include the qualification date of 31st December 2018, however where you know that an energy supply will be included in your significant energy consumption you can do the audit work on this supply. The audit needs to have at least one year’s energy measurement, but this can be from any time between 6th December 2014 and 5th December 2019.

He added:

The audit can use data that has been collected at any time during this period provided that the audit itself is carried out no later than 24 months after the data period and the data has not already been used for an audit in Phase 1. Different energy streams can be audited at different times so the workload can be spread better to suit your business needs.

About your ESOS audit

ESOS compliance is mandatory, it requires businesses with more than 240 employees, £40 million annual turnover or a balance sheet of more than £34 million to complete an officially approved energy efficiency audit every four years.

Companies that stand to truly benefit from ESOS are those prepared to go the distance by fully adopting and embracing their recommendations.

Your ESOS assessment report provides you with a comprehensive list of your energy saving opportunities. It gives you all the necessary information to prioritise and appraise opportunities in a structured way, and rank these according to criteria that make the most sense for your business.

Did you know?

Reducing your energy costs is one of the most straightforward ways for your business to improve its bottom line, making your organisation immediately more competitive. On average, a business can reduce its annual costs by 20% through improving energy efficiency and energy management.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) figures suggest any action taken as a result of findings from ESOS audits could lead to an average 0.7% saving per enterprise, which is expected to provide a net positive benefit to the UK of between £800 million and £3billion, with a central estimate of £1.9 billion between 2015 and 2030.

About TEAM’s ESOS Service

TEAM can provide you with a full ESOS service. Our expert consultants can assist your organisation with:

  • Collating data for building, transport and process energy use
  • Review of your portfolio to determine the number of energy surveys required
  • Carry out energy surveys following BRE guidelines
  • Produce survey reports including cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations
  • ESOS Assessor review, verification and sign-off
  • Preparation of Submission Document and Evidence Pack including sign-off by an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor
  • TEAM’s ESOS Service is available to help you become ESOS compliant and help you identify possible energy savings for your organisation.

Simply call us on 01908 690018 or send us an enquiry through our Contact Us page. You can also learn more about ESOS with our ESOS Compliance page here and with our ESOS related articles.

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