Who Are We?

Introducing Kim Gower, Software Trainer

Here at TEAM we are committed to building strong relationships with our customers.

As part of our commitment we’ve decided to launch a ‘Who We Are’ column focussing on our staff.
This month we caught up with Sigma Software Trainer, Kim Gower, to find out more about TEAM Training.

Kim joined TEAM earlier this year bringing with her a wealth of experience. She offers a patient, friendly face to those who are new to Sigma software, as well as long-term users.

Sum up your role at TEAM?

I train new and existing customers and help them get the most from their Sigma Energy Management Software, this involves listening to their needs and recommending solutions.
All customers with newly purchased software are offered full training which can be on-site at customer premises or at the TEAM offices in Milton Keynes.
I also create new courses for the Sigma Online Training Academy, hold group training workshops (available on request), run educational webinars and produce video tutorials.
You choose the type of training you want and where and when you want it.

Life before TEAM?

I was an IT trainer at Bedfordshire Police before joining TEAM. I also spent 15-years as a software trainer for E.ON.

Best thing about your job?

Meeting new people and watching them grow with Sigma knowledge.

What is Sigma Online Training Academy?

The Training Academy provides new and existing customers with the opportunity to train or refresh their Sigma knowledge, at their own pace.

Our courses provide a structured way of finding out about the different aspects of the software incorporating knowledge tests and quizzes to help re-enforce the learning process. They are delivered one step at a time and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop to provide flexibility of learning.

Learners can easily see their progress and upon successful completion of a final test, can print a certificate to prove they have taken part in the course.
All customers can sign up by visiting https://academy.teamenergy.com.

Sign Up Here

What courses are available to customers?

We frequently introduce new courses to the Online Training Academy, which are based on customer feedback and demand.

If we haven’t got the course you want then please get in touch and we will do our best to add one.
Current courses include an Introduction to the Sigma browser and Desktop Interface, Database set up and Energy Management Terminology, Bulk Bill Checker and Validators.

How can customers access Training Vouchers?

Our vouchers give customers choice and flexibility over when and what TEAM training is needed.
They can be used for on-site training, consultancy sessions, training workshops and WEBEX sessions. Each voucher is valid for 24-months from the date of issue.

To find our more you can contact your Customer Account Manager or email enquiries@teamenergy.com.

What are Training Workshops?

Training Workshops are great if your department grows and additional members of your team require training.

Group workshops, or on-going training (one a one-to-one or one-to-two basis) are available on request at your premises, or ours.
You can contact your Customer Account Manager for more details.

Are Video Tutorials easy to access?

Yes, video tutorials are available to customers via the Support Portal and can be found embedded in the software. They cover a range of functionality and features within TEAM Sigma, the tutorials can be viewed on-demand through the TEAM Support Portal.

TEAM Support Portal

Tell us more about the Webinars?

Our webinars are free of charge. You can listen in with your earphones, watch the visuals, and ask questions live using the online chat box.

We are hoping to hold our next webinar later this year and will get in touch as soon as we have a time and a date in mind.

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