Paving the way for accurate and transparent tenant billing with our latest product launch

We’re delighted to announce the development of our software portfolio with the launch of our next generation Sigma Tenant Billing solution.

The application enables organisations to accurately and efficiently apportion utility costs between tenants, cost centres or departments delivering transparent accountable billing.

The flexible and reliable solution seamlessly integrates with existing energy management systems, delivering effective measurement and sophisticated bill calculation. Users have the added advantage of integrating the data into their accounting system through the Accounts Link interface, speeding-up the billing process.

To ensure the software suits the specific needs of its users to deliver on their efficiency targets and economise the tenant billing process, we worked in partnership with our customers on the design and functionality.

Tom Anderton, Product and Service Development Manager, TEAM said:
Tenant billing is the natural next step on the journey to ensuring we can meet the evolving needs of organisations across a wide range of industries. By working closely with our customers, we understand the unique challenges that can come with tenant billing. 

This collaboration has led to the inclusion of enhanced functionality to address these issues, such as flexible charging methodologies, allowing users to define their own utility tariffs and use data from a variety of sources. As well as the ability to charge against multiple commodities and calorific value conversion, which ensures greater transparency when billing volumetric consumption.

The tenant billing solution has been developed as part of our flagship energy management software, Sigma, which allows users to manage, monitor and gain insights into their tenant’s energy consumption through one system. By tackling two energy management needs in one, the application offers more functionality than proprietary systems.

The approach aligns with our first-class ethos, to deliver solutions and services that exceed in addressing the challenges of modern energy management. In adopting Sigma Tenant Billing, customers will receive a dedicated deployment designed to meet their specific requirements, along with continued on-going support.

Simon Miles, Chief Executive Officer, TEAM added:
At a time when organisations are feeling the pressures of economic and political uncertainty, we want to help businesses in using technology to support sustainable and efficient operations.
With Sigma Tenant Billing, businesses will see operational benefits and cash savings from day one, and with the built-in option to scale-up as the business grows, customers can expect to achieve added return on their investment.

The launch of Sigma Tenant Billing marks another milestone achievement in our product and service roadmap, demonstrating our commitment to delivering innovative and robust solutions that meet the evolving needs of the energy industry.

If you would like to know more about Sigma Tenant Billing, or to book a free demo please complete your contact information and one of our expert team will be in touch.

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