Singapore Energy Conservation Act and ISO Workshop Success

Nobby-YamanouchiGuest blog: Nobby Yamanouchi, Energy Management System Specialist, EnMS-Doc Associates
Singapore Energy Conservation Act and ISO Workshop Success

TEAM partner EnMS-Doc Associates and its partner in Singapore Antris Management Solutions held a three-day workshop in Singapore to highlight the importance of ISO50001 which is of major significance with the latest energy regulation changes in Singapore; the Energy Conservation Act, April 2013.

The New Energy Conservation Act – Singapore came into force on 22nd April 2013, just the day before our workshop sessions. The wiki50001 framework 3-Day ISO50001 Class EnMS Workshop was held 23-25 April at the ChartNexus #34-08, International Plaza Singapore 079903.

The workshop was very fortunate to have Mr. W inston Tan, Assistant Manager, Energy Efficiency & Conservation Department, National Environment Agency (NEA) to present the introduction of the new Energy Conservation Act. The new mandatory Act will require registration of commercial organisations consuming more than 54 TJ approx. equivalent of 15 MWh) energy per annum. This will be applicable to approximately 200 companies, the majority being from the industrial and transport sectors. It was said that energy spending of approximately more than 4 million Singapore dollars (3.2 million US dollars) will be required to participate.

The registered organisation has the following main obligations:

  • to appoint at least one Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM)
  • to monitor and report energy use and GHG emissions,
  • to submit energy efficiency improvement plan (Energy Management System (EnMS) operation plan)

Throughout the presentation, Mr. Tan stressed the point that the prime objective of the Energy Conservation Act has been introduced to assist industries in improving the energy efficiency of their operation and strengthen their business position globally, while aiming to achieve the target of 35% improvement in energy intensity by 2030, using a baseline set in 2005. In doing so, Mr. Tan elaborated NEA’s position to promote ISO 50001 standard that would play an important role in strengthening the implementation of the act.

Here is the act introduction milestone:

  1. Commencement of ECA and its SL(subsidiary legislation) 22 Apr 2013
  2. Register with NEA  (National Environment Agency) By 22 Oct 2013
  3. Appoint energy manager Within 30 days of being registered
  4. Attain SCEM certification (for energy manager)  By 1 Apr 2014
  5. Submit energy use reports & energy efficiency improvement plans (voluntary)

    In Q3 2013
  6. Submit energy use reports & energy efficiency improvement plans (mandatory)

    By 30 Jun 2014

Mr. Tan also explained attractive incentive programmes associated with the act:

  • Grant for Energy Efficient Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance Scheme (Funding for energy audit)
  • Energy Efficiency National Partnership
  • Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) Training Programme & Grant

The workshop uses TEAM’s, to demonstrate the possibilities for document control, creating an audit trail, continuous improvement procedures as well as the benefits of a multi-login paperless system.

Recognising the importance of the ISO 50001 standard implication to the act, NEA appointed one delegate to participate in the workshop in evaluating the practical side of the ISO 50001 class EnMS as well as to hear the workshop participants’ view of the Act and implementation of energy management operation.

Participants to the workshop:

  1. CHU Kar, Kit Vector Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (Energy Environmental Consultant)Salim Suwignjo, SETSCO SERVICES PTE LTD (Senior Engineer, Construction Technology Division)
  2. Wai Kok Foo,  James  Urban Redevelopment Authority (Director Corporate Services)
  3. Yap Kok Kin, Earns Technologies (Shenzhen) Co Ltd (Director)
  4. Ng Koon Siang, UGL Services Premas Operations Limited (Deputy Director, Energy Services, Building Technology & Capital Equipment)
  5. Milton Neo, National Environment Agency (Engineer, Energy Efficiency and Conservation DepartmentTan Yeow Chew,  PUB (Senior Manager, Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant, Water Reclamation (Plants) Department)
  6. Chong Chin Teck, PUB (Senior Engineer, Changi Water Reclamation Plant, Water Reclamation (Plants) Department)
  7. Aw Kian Hing, PUB (Deputy General Manager, Kranji Water Reclamation Plant, Water Reclamation (Plants) Department)
  8. Dhimant Hiralal, PUB (Principal Engineer, Jurong Water Reclamation Plant, Water Reclamation (Plants) Department)
  9. Lee Thompson, Hertel Singapore Pte Ltd (Plant Integrity Manager)
  10. Li Xingang, Faci Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  (Production Manager)
  11. Kor Lee Kiong, Frasers Centrepoint Property Management Services Pte. Ltd. (Building Manager, Northpoint)

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