TEAM joins NHS SBS Framework for Bill Validation & Cost Recovery

TEAM’s market leading outsourced energy bill validation and cost recovery service….

Now available to NHS Trusts and other Public Sector Bodies throughout the UK as part of the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework Agreement.

This outsourced service offers NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies the opportunity to reduce their in-house administration of processing and checking utility bills. Our Energy Bureau will take receipt of all bills for single and multiple sites, checking them on arrival. Any anomalies will be investigated and resolved, with utility bills being processed for payment. The TEAM Energy Bureau will reclaim any overcharges on behalf of the organisation, and identify any savings on upcoming, and if required historical utility bills.

A list of organisations who are currently accessing the framework can be found on the NHS SBS website. Outside of this any public sector organisation can utilise this agreement on an associate membership basis, this includes Councils, Police Forces, Charites etc. The process of joining is as simple as emailing NHS SBS and providing some information. Please contact us for details.

Over the past 20 years TEAM has been providing outsourced energy management and specialist consultancy services, helping healthcare and other organisations to cut energy costs and comply with current energy legislation. TEAM’s software and services are used by over 80 NHS Trusts including one of the largest health boards in Europe plus over 100 other public bodies.

Andrea Shoel, Business Development Manager at TEAM comments…

“Our Energy Bureau currently supports several NHS Trusts and a large number of other public sector organisations. We therefore understand the significance to these organisations of monitoring and measuring their energy consumption. Typically for many NHS sites, utility consumption is very much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a multi-site portfolio this will lead to multiple bills being reviewed and meter readings collected and checked. Our Energy Bureau has the capability to reduce the administration workload of processing bills, identifying errors and communicating directly with utility suppliers. The data we collect will also support Energy Management Departments in producing reports and in the analysis of consumption data, potentially highlighting waste or identifying areas in need of increased energy efficiency.”

For more information about NHS SBS please visit their website

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