Net Zero Strategy and Journey

Net Zero Strategy and Journey

TEAM Energy Consultancy is committed to reach net zero climate impact by 2030

How our Carbon Reduction Strategy is embedded in our business

TEAM has committed to reach net zero by 2030 with the aim to play our part in the fight against climate change and inspire our customers to build their own sustainable futures.

By implementing a carbon reduction strategy across our group, which comprises of TEAM and EDW Technology, and through a process of offsetting we became carbon neutral in 2023.

As a consultancy practice supporting businesses with their energy and carbon management, becoming net zero is as important to us as it is to our customers. We are proud of the net zero consulting we have been providing, along with energy audits and surveys, behavioural change training and carbon reduction consulting that has been helping businesses work towards a net zero trajectory for many years.

When we started our net zero journey, we set out two clear and ambitious objectives in our carbon reduction strategy.

We have succeeded in our first objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2023. This approach enables us to immediately show positive action and commitment and is an important public step on our journey.

The second objective is to reach net zero emissions by 2030, 20 years ahead of the UK Government’s target.

Our approach to becoming net zero includes reducing our emissions along a 1.5°C trajectory, a commitment which we will publicly validate through the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

Our Carbon Reduction Strategy

Our Carbon Reduction Strategy initiatives are based on best practice in energy management for our type of business, ensuring we maximise opportunities for energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction.

The most significant contributors to our emissions are employee commuting, employee homeworking and electricity usage used to power our premises. Overall, initiatives to reduce carbon in these areas have been prioritised.

Our key emission reducing targets, short and long term:

  • Lower carbon emissions associated with electricity by improved energy efficiency in the office, improvements to our site’s solar PV to enhance renewable energy usage, establishing a Renewable PPA Strategy and, in the longer term, replacing the office heating and cooling system.
  • For our IT and office suppliers we initially opted for local suppliers and are progressing by selecting net zero suppliers.
  • Our EV salary sacrifice scheme and the latest implementation of EV charging points, both removing barriers for our employees to lower their commuting emissions, will be advanced with extra EV charging and other travel incentives to lower emissions through commuting and business travel. Business travel has already been reduced through prioritising remote meeting technology for meetings where appropriate.
  • For water consumption and wastewater treatment we are looking at automated sensor taps, updating dishwashers and rainwater harvesting.


An infographic showing TEAM Energy's Net Zero Journey so far.

How our Net Zero commitment is supported

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

As part of our approach to net zero emissions we wanted to mitigate the immediate impact of our business emissions as we work towards our 2030 goal. By offsetting 100 % of the carbon emissions associated with the Group’s operations and investing in verified carbon offsetting schemes sourced from the voluntary carbon market we became carbon neutral.

Our offsetting plan will continue with each annual calculation of operational emissions until we reach our net zero goal in 2030.

ISO 140001

We follow the ISO 140001 framework to support and manage the delivery of our objectives:

  • Framework for Action: provides a structured framework using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model to drive forward climate action and manage sustainability efforts.
  • Strategic Management: Encourages senior management to understand wider risks and opportunities, promoting ownership and leadership in environmental impact reduction.

Solar Power

Our office building houses Solar PVs on its roof which means we have to import less grid electricity to meet our demand.

EV Charging

In the UK government’s net zero strategy, electric vehicles (EVs) play a crucial role in transitioning toward a zero carbon economy. The ambition is that by 2030, 80% of new cars and 70% of new vans sold in Great Britain are required to be zero emission. This requirement will increase to 100% by 2035. A charging infrastructure is key to this growth.

Electric vehicles are a central component of the UK’s net zero strategy, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable transportation. 

Octopus Logo

We are supporting the government policy by partnering with Octopus Energy to provide a salary sacrifice scheme for our employees to buy electric vehicles and installing ten EV charging to support employees without home-based charging access to reduce their own carbon emissions associated with travel.

Net Zero and Environmental Partnerships and Memberships

Partnership with local community forest

In 2023 we became a corporate friend to The Forest of Marston Vale making an annual pledge to plant one tree per employee each year in a promise to support the environment and habitat around us.

“Becoming friends of the Forest of Marston Vale is the next natural step on our journey to net zero, and a really great way for us to back a local community charity, as well as help protect and grow the natural environment.”

Read the latest in our journey as a partner with the Forest of Marston Vale

SME Climate Hub

SME Climate Hub LogoWe have joined thousands of other businesses in tackling climate change by joining the SME Climate Hub.

By joining the Hub, we have pledged to halve our emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, with our Carbon Reduction Strategy we will more than meet this goal.

This commitment will demonstrate to other businesses and our customers our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment through authentic action.

Read more about the SME Climate Hub


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