TEAM joins the UKGBC to support sustainability in the Built Environment Sector


Carbon and energy management consultancy, TEAM Energy, has joined the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

The UKGBC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming the built environment for a sustainable future. With over 700 members they represent the unified voice of current and future leaders in the sector and drive positive change through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy.

By becoming part of this influential industry network, TEAM has the opportunity to contribute to the UKGBC’s mission to make a collective impact by positively influencing policy and identifying sustainable pathways for the future of buildings and infrastructure.

Joining the diverse membership of the UKGBC presents the opportunity for TEAM to broaden their knowledge of the challenges the sector faces from a range of businesses within it, many of whom already work in partnership with the consultancy.

TEAM Energy’s ambitious Carbon Reduction Strategy aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. By joining the UKGBC, they can work alongside other businesses that share an interest in making their organisations future-proof against the effects of climate change.

The UKGBC seeks to make visionary change through collaboration, gathering insights, discovering challenges that hinder progress and discovering innovative trends. With this knowledge they can build consensus and advocate for sustainable practices with key decision makers.

Graham Paul, Service Delivery Director, TEAM Energy said of being welcomed into the network:

We are proud of our environmental commitment and leading by example for the businesses we partner with. We are also firm believers of the transformative power of people and knowledge.

Through the UKGBC’s network, we can understand its needs and perspectives and elevate our sector awareness, shape the future of our consultancy service and how we support organisations to build their own sustainable practice.

TEAM’s association with the UKGBC shows its dedication to sustainability and its endorsement of a net-zero future. By connecting with like-minded professionals, they aim to drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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