Futureproof Your Energy Capacity – ASC Optimisation Service

As part of our growing consultancy is a new service set to help organisations review their energy capacity and align it with their long-term business objectives.

In response to the growing demand for services that help large organisations push for a zero-carbon future and sustainable practices, we have launched an Available Supply Capacity (ASC) Optimisation service.

This comes at a time of significant growth in our consultancy practice, which sets out to provide energy management services that respond to the changing energy landscape and support UK organisations in meeting the Government’s 2050 net-zero pledge.

Research shows that organisations with Half-Hourly metered electricity who pay a monthly charge for their ASC, could be paying much more than they need to; either with over generous kVA allocation or in penalty charges and fines when the capacity is exceeded. This is often due to the organisation’s ASC contracts being outdated and no longer aligned with current business operations.

Sam Arje, Senior Energy Consultant at TEAM, explains:

Organisations have a varying need for electricity supply capacity depending on their size and use.

Those with both high and low electricity consumption can benefit from an assessment of their Available Supply Capacity. By evaluating consumption data and current contracts, organisations can optimise their energy expenditure. If the ASC is too high, savings can be made by decreasing ASC and therefore the monthly charge. In some cases, it can be beneficial to increase ASC to protect against excess capacity charges and fines for regular breaches, as well as ensuring they have sufficient capacity for future demand.

He goes on to add:

Many large-scale organisations have adopted renewable technologies to work towards a greener future. For such organisations, their ASC may not be reflective of this and they could therefore be paying a lot more in a monthly contract than is needed.

This new consultancy service will support organisations with high energy consumption, such as manufacturing plants, hotels, gyms, and large commercial buildings who are looking to have a better understanding of their energy demand and wanting to reduce utility overheads, especially where there may be a lot of meters installed and sites with different DNOs.

Greg Armstrong, Principle Consultant at TEAM, added:

Organisation’s portfolios are changing all the time; building use, production output, integration of renewable technologies all influences the amount of energy drawn from the grid. Yet, it is common that organisations will not review these contracts when changes occur.

Organisations are going to be accelerating sustainability and operational transformation over the next 30 years, optimising capacity and, in cases where it might be appropriate, increasing it, helps support organisations’ future expansion or diversification plans.

With this latest addition to an expansive suite of services, we continue to build our Energy Services to support organisations in reducing carbon emissions and realise their sustainability goals.

Other recent additions to our portfolio include Behaviour Change training, Meter Operator contract selection support, as well as an enhanced commercial Energy Audit and Survey service. These new solutions bolster our consultancy practice, supporting the business’ commitment to partner with organisations across the public and private sectors to support their carbon emission goals and environmental strategy.

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