Highlights of COP26 – Week 2

COP26 – Adaptation, Loss and Damage

As the second week of COP26 kicked off, the Summit explored the impacts of Climate Change on the world, focusing on Adaptation, Loss and Damage. The UK called for urgent action to build up global resilience to Climate Change. Additionally, the UK Government announced £290 million in new UK funding, including support for countries in the Asia Pacific to deal with the impact of global warming. Take a look at our Energy Consultant Tom McLeish providing his thoughts on the announcements made.

COP26 – What happens after COP26?

Day 9 marked Gender Day at COP26 as 80% of people displaced by Climate Change are women and children; however this was a far quieter day with fewer announcements. Our Senior Energy Consultant, Sam Arje, gave his thoughts on what he hopes to see after COP26. This includes the continuing of the fantastic publicity that has taken place over the past couple of weeks and that the promises made will be delivered to their fullest. 

COP26 – Transport

Day 10 saw Transport Day at the Summit, with discussions around Net Zero airports, rail fueled by Hydrogen and the equipment needed for electric vehicles. A declaration was signed by dozens of countries committing to the sale of new cars and vans to be zero emissions by 2040. The UK Presidency published the first draft documents, calling for countries to revisit their climate action plans. Our Energy Consultant, Tom McLeish shares his thoughts on the day. 

COP26 – Cities, Regions and Built Environment

The theme of the day was Cities, Regions and Built Environment. The day’s focus was on the announcement of the US and China deal which set out plans to work together to tackle methane, and saw the two countries agreeing to step up to stop deforestation. Additionally, there were many discussions around the ongoing negotiations on the Climate Agreement, which is due to come out of COP26 and must be signed off by nearly 200 countries before being finalised. Our Head Of Operations, Timothy Holman, gives his thoughts on the day. 

COP26 – Final negotiations

The final day of COP26 saw all of the worlds representatives come together to agree on how we should move forward in a unified attempt to reach the 1.5° target. Have they achieved what they set out to? Our Head of Operations, Tim Holman, explains.

COP26 – Thoughts on COP26

As COP26 draws to a close, we look at the outcomes, key initiatives and positives we can take from over the two weeks. Timothy Holman, Head of Operations, shares his thoughts on the agreement and discusses how huge strides are finally being made in reducing our global carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

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