New ESTA Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Guide Launched

Members of the Energy Services and Technology Association’s Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Group (ESTA’s aM&Tg), have launched a new online guide to introduce and inform end-users on the importance of monitoring their energy.

Monitoring Energy info is the home of a new guide on Automatic Monitoring and Targeting. The website provides an overview of aM&T for energy users from the industry experts who provide advanced aM&T solutions.

The site offers advice on key topics to help users implement aM&T solutions, providing them with confidence in their data, and enabling real energy and financial savings. The guide includes an introduction to the topics of Sub-Metering, the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), Key Design Principles, Data Acquisition and explains what Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) really is.

Commenting on the launch Tim Holman, Chair of the ESTA aM&T group and Head of Operations for TEAM Energy, said:

We’re delighted to launch this new guide to reach out to end users to share best practice and guidance. Energy costs come straight off the bottom line and having the right data and analysis tools is the basis for understanding every part of your energy consumption.

Although simple and easily understood, this wide-ranging statement hides behind it the complexity involved in designing, implementing, maintaining and managing a fit-for-purpose aM&T strategy.

Holman went on to add:

The information the aM&T group has put together on this website aims to set out and explain some of the basics (and a few advanced techniques) that make up this subject; before highlighting the ESTA members who have expertise to deliver a strategy for you.

ESTA aM&T group members will also be posting updates regularly sharing their knowledge with the latest advice, thoughts and industry guidance. You can visit the website here

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