Our Energy Consultants join pioneering movement to drive sustainability in the UK

Senior Energy Consultants here at TEAM are among the first to become registered EnCO Consultants through the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) EnCO Training Programme.

In response to the growing demand for innovative sustainability consultancy solutions that help organisations push for a zero-carbon future, senior consultants from our Energy Services division have become registered EnCO (Energy Conscious Organisation) Consultants to reinforce our Behaviour Change programmes.

The move comes at a time of significant growth in our consultancy, which sets out to provide energy management services that respond to the changing energy landscape and support UK organisations in meeting the Government’s 2050 net-zero pledge.

Motivated by the urgent need for climate action, Energy Conscious Organisations (EnCO) is an initiative from ESTA, in partnership with the Energy Institute, designed to promote energy savings from focusing on changing behaviour. EnCO has been set up to establish a robust and best practice approach for minimising energy use through engagement, awareness, skills building, measuring and monitoring, and adapting policies.

Timothy Holman, Head of Consultancy at TEAM, explains:

Organisations need to be making bigger changes if we are to reach the UK’s net-zero target by 2050. Serious reduction in energy usage is needed across the board and evidence suggests that this cannot be realised with technology alone. We need to go beyond the obvious measures and start thinking about “non-consumption”, the energy we do not need to use. This requires challenging and changing senior management decision making, embedding standards, implementing policies, processes, and plans, creating a mass movement of change.

This initiative enables us and similar providers to offer consistent guidance and make a bigger impact in persuading organisations and Government to become energy conscious.

Timothy, along with Senior Energy Consultants, Helder Galrinho and Sam Arje, are Registered EnCO Consultants enabling each of them to support organisations to generate meaningful energy reduction savings through EnCO practices and behaviour change.

Commenting on the news, Simon Miles, TEAM’s CEO, said:

This certification sends out a strong signal to UK organisations that we as a supplier are serious and committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable and efficient practices to support them in achieving their net zero ambitions. We’re doubling down on this commitment through the continued investment in and expansion of our energy consultancy team and services, to offer new tailored programmes that meet our customers unique needs.

He added:

The EnCO approach is reflective of a wider movement we’re seeing from customers to explore new and more effective ways of meeting their environmental commitments, while navigating the need for large scale capital investment. The concept of becoming an Energy Conscious Organisation and embedding a company-wide culture of sustainability, can deliver substantial cost and carbon emission savings, against a low comparable outlay.

This certification supports our Behaviour Change Programmes for Sustainable Business, which sets out to transform organisations by empowering people to challenge the norm and encourage mass adoption of energy efficiency good practice through more energy efficient behaviour.

Sam Arje, Senior Energy Consultant and EnCO Consultant at TEAM, added:

Behaviour change strategies within the workplace can produce some of the best paybacks of any investment in energy reduction. Myself and my colleagues now have the industry recognised skills to be able to confidently work with clients to deliver these positive changes resulting in both cost and emission savings for their organisation.

We have been developing an expansive suite of services, to support organisations in reducing carbon emissions and realise their sustainability goals. By working in partnership with ESTA and the Energy Institute we are able apply our knowledge and skills around driving positive climate action and contribute to supporting UK organisations to lead the way in sustainable transformation by working towards EnCO status.

Find out more about our EnCO Consultants and how they can support your organisation on its sustainability journey.

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