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Welcome to the latest Net Zero, Carbon Reduction, and Energy Management news updates

Choosing the right energy bureau service in 10 steps

If your business has an energy management team who is allocating vast amounts of time to checking energy data and analysing invoices, outsourcing to an energy bureau service will allow them to apply their strengths and core competencies elsewhere. By assigning these tasks to a professional service provider, your energy management team can focus on strategic carbon reduction activities and dedicate time to planning for a net zero future.

Choosing the right energy bureau services for your needs can significantly impact your organisation’s energy management, carbon reduction and cost savings.

Read the 10 key factors you should consider when selecting an energy management bureau

Create and deliver robust and realistic ESOS Action Plans

Following the recent changes to the ESOS scheme organisations that are required to complete the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, will also need to complete an ESOS Action Plan for submission.

Our team of ESOS Lead Assessors can provide support and guidance in preparing, reporting and managing your Action Plan submission and progress report.

An infographic showing how TEAM will develop an ESOS action plan.

Learn more about the Action Plan and how we can help

The latest news coming out of TEAM

We have fitted EV charging points at our Milton Keynes office to support the employee Electric Vehicle scheme

In line with our Carbon Reduction Plan we have fitted ten Electric Vehicle charging points at our Milton Keynes office to make the transition to green driving easier for employees.

This exciting news follows the announcement of our Electric Vehicle (EV) Salary Sacrifice scheme, in partnership with Octopus Energy, to make electric commuting more accessible to employees. The success of this workplace benefit has enabled us to invest in charging points at our office to provide onsite, free EV charging to our employees.

Read more about this announcement and what it means for our Net Zero strategy

Our Net Zero Strategy and Journey

TEAM has committed to reach net zero by 2030 with the aim to play our part in the fight against climate change and inspire our customers to build their own sustainable futures.

By implementing a carbon reduction strategy across our group, which comprises of TEAM and EDW Technology, and through a process of offsetting we became carbon neutral in 2023. Whilst this is a great achievement, we remain committed to our second objective to reach Net Zero by 2030.

Take a look at our Net Zero journey so far

We have joined the IEMA to connect with organisations interested in the sustainability agenda

We have joined the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), a global professional body for over 20,000 individuals and 300 organisations working in the field of environment and sustainability.

By becoming a consultancy partner with IEMA, we gain access to a network of seventeen regional networks and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals. Our goal is to optimise our pathway to a net-zero future and champion the importance of sustainability initiatives.

Read more about this exciting new partnership

Feedback from our customers

After completing our customer, South Hook Gas Company’s Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), we received some great feedback from the business on their experience of our service and working with our Data Analyst, Sophie Legg:

“We are very satisfied with the SECR service we received. Data Analyst, Sophie Legg, was very diligent and quick with all responses, she made the whole process very smooth and effortless, and she is a credit to TEAM Energy.”

Do you need support with your SECR reporting?

We have also supported our customer, Squarepoint Capital, with their Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and SECR, which many organisations will benefit from combining. Following on from the service they received from our Energy Services team, Squarepoint Capital, said:

“We are very likely to use TEAM’s consultancy services again, we received quick responses and all the team were very helpful, thank you!”

Read more about why it is smart for businesses to combine their ESOS and SECR in our blog

We have joined Investors in the Environment (iiE)

We are pleased to have become a member of the iiE, a not-for-profit sustainability accreditation scheme for organisations of all sectors and sizes. This membership demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions and the impact our business has on the planet.

Latest Energy Management News

The biggest fall in inflation in 45 years brings hope the inflation surge is coming to an end – but its legacy, including higher prices, is here to stay

CPI inflation has returned to ‘normal’ levels, falling to 2.3% in April 2024 – down from 3.2% in March, and the closest to the Bank of England’s target of 2% since July 2021 – raising hopes this is the end of the UK’s inflation surge, but services inflation remains elevated and the legacy of higher prices is here to stay.

The decrease in energy wholesale prices has had a significant impact in driving down inflation.

Read more about the changing gas and power prices in our Energy Wholesale Market Review

£557 million for public buildings to switch to cleaner heating and save on energy bills

The UK Government has announced that schools, swimming pools, and hospitals will receive £530 million to make energy efficiency upgrades. Whilst businesses with high energy use will also receive support to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions with £27.5 million in Government funding.

Latest Net Zero News

Aviation fuel plan supports the growth of British aviation sector

The UK Government has unveiled plans for world leading sustainable aviation fuel mandate with 10% of all jet fuel to come from sustainable sources by 2030 through its Sustainable Aviation Fuel mandate. This is expected to boost the economy by £1.8 billion and create more than 10,000 jobs across the UK by 2030.

UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Cement is the modern world’s most common construction material, it is also a huge source of planet-warming gas emissions. However, scientists have said they have found a way to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

Renewables generated a record 30% of global electricity in 2023

This comes as solar and wind power drive renewable energy, with analysts claiming that last year was a pivotal point for global electricity generation. According to Energy and Climate Think Tank, Ember, Solar generation grew 23% in 2023, wind generation grew 10%, with fossil fuel generation growing only 0.8%.

Government defeated in High Court over climate plans

The government has been defeated in court – for a second time – for not doing enough to meet its targets of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental campaigners argued that the energy minister signed off on the government’s climate plan without evidence it could be achieved.

The High Court ruled that the government will now be required to redraft the plan again.

Report: 38% of businesses struggling with green policy uncertainty.

From a survey of more than 1,000 senior decision makers from businesses across the UK, the report from the British Standards Institution (BSI) finds that, despite 83% of businesses committing to achieving the UK’s net zero emissions target, nine in ten want greater government support to help reach decarbonisation targets.

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