TEAM’s latest consultancy service supports organisations affected by the updated Heat Network Regulations

Following the recent changes in Heat Network legislation to encourage the decarbonisation of district heat networks, we have launched a service to support organisations in assessing their compliance and mitigating the impact on their time and resources.

Our new Heat Network Notification service can help organisations understand if they are required to comply with the recent changes that have been made to the Heat Network Regulations and help those affected ensure their compliance.

The changes made to the Heat Network Metering and Billing Regulations were introduced to encourage more heat networks to decarbonise and reduce emissions produced from the generation of heat. These changes impact organisations with a heat network, resulting in them needing to notify the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), install metering into their buildings or both. The installation of metering can help organisations understand the energy usage of their infrastructure, giving them the opportunity to bill tenants if required and cut down their emissions.

Our Senior Energy Consultant, Sam Arje explains;

As a result of the Heat Network regulation changes, most organisations will need to carry out a lot more work than previously when submitting their Heat Network Notification to the OPSS, due to the addition of the cost effectiveness element of the compliance. If they miss the deadline set out in the regulations, they risk being fined up to 100% of the costs of fulfilling the remaining requirements.

Organisations that are already stretched for resource and time during the current pandemic, may find they are struggling to install a new metering infrastructure and complete and submit their Heat Network Notification by the deadline. This is where our new service can help take the pressure off; we have a long history of developing services that meet the challenges of energy and sustainability regulations, helping organisations to mitigate their impact.

As part of the service, our energy experts will assess an organisation’s heat network, determine if they require metering and complete and submit the Heat Network Notification on their behalf; saving them the time and resource required.

If an organisation requires a remodel or the installation of a heat metering infrastructure, our suite of services will source the right meter vendor for them, put together a business case to gain funding for the installation and make recommendations for the right vendor to meet their operational needs.

For organisations where metering has been installed, they may choose to bill their tenants. Our suite of Tenant Billing Management services are available to support organisations fully when billing their tenants for their heat consumption, through accurate and efficient tenant billing. Providing heat suppliers with a better understanding of the energy consumed by their tenants and offering an opportunity to recoup the costs spent on meter installation through charging their tenants.

This latest addition to our consultancy comes at a time when we are investing in the development and growth of our energy and sustainability services to ensure our offering helps organisations meet the current and future challenges of energy management. Our Heat Network Notification support joins a number of new services launched over the last year including Energy Behaviour Change Programmes, Available Supply Capacity advice, and enhanced Energy Audits and Surveys.

If you need support in understanding if the Heat Network Notification changes affect you, or if you need advice on installing metering, get in touch today.

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